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Based on several accreditations and registrations, BCS is authorized:

  • NOP/USDA (National Organic Program USDA)
  • JAS/MAFF (Japanese Agricultural Standard of Organic Products)
  • GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice)
  • FTSA ( Fair Trade Sustainabiity Alliance)
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • KOC (Korean Organic Certification)
  • OSKSA (Organic Standard Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • SPP (Simbolo Pequeños Productores)

Further certifications offered by BCS according to ecological and social certification standards:

  • UTZ Certified
  • Bird Friendly

Other accreditations and registrations

  • Accredited by CNCA China (local enterprise)
  • Accredited by MAG Costa Rica (BCS Germany)
  • Accredited by MAGA Guatemala (Local enterprise)
  • Accredited by MAGA Ecuador (local enterprise)
  • Accredited by MAG Peru (local enterprise)
  • Accredited by MAG Colombia (local enterprise)
  • Accredited by TÜRKAK Turkey (local enterprise)
  • Accredited by Min. of Agric. Tunisia (local office)
  • Accredited by Min. of Agric. Romania (local enterprise)
  • Accredited by Min. of Agric. Bulgaria (local office)
  • Accredited by Min. of Agric. (regional) in Aragón, Spain
  • Registered by INC Cuba (local office)
  • Registered by MAG Dominican Republic (local enterprise)
  • Registered/approved in Iran



Thanks to our sister company Kiwa International Cert GmbH we can offer to our customers to receive certifications of management systems in a one stop shopping.


Kiwa International Cert GmbH is accredited by DAkkS and offers you certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 22000, DIN EN ISO 22000 FSSC, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, SCC.

Furthermore IFS, BRC and HACCP are available through our Dutch, Italian and Spanish sister companies.

Kiwa Sweden offers the following accredited services:


Accreditation Body



(Swedish label for organic certification)

Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment


Organic production (EC) 834/3007


Only Sweden

MSC Chain of Custody

ASI (Accreditation Services International GmbH)


ASC Chain of Custody



Swedish Quality Standard for Retailers


Only Swedish market, retailers



Only Swedish market, farmers

IP Livsmedel / IP Food Processing




Not accredited standard


Further accreditations of Kiwa


Holder of Accreditation

BRC Food

Kiwa PAI, UK


Kiwa Spain


For further information please visit www.kiwa.de

Chinese Organic Standard / Cooperation with Chinese inspection body

All products exported to China and/or commercialized there have to be certified according to the Chinese Organic Standard (GB/T 19630). In many aspects the certification process as well as the requirements for the operator do not differ respectively differ only slightly from those of the EU Organic Regulation or other organic standards. However, there are some special requirements to be fulfilled, e. g. the implementation of a management system. Furthermore, the quality of the environment and the final products are of special importance which has to be proved regularly by respective analyses. You will soon find an English summary of the Chinese standard on our homepage.

With respect to the certification according to the Chinese Organic Standard, BCS cooperates with the renowned Chinese inspection body COFCC (China Organic Food Certification Center) which carries out the inspection and certification. However, referring to your application and any further information, BCS is your first address and we will be glad to assist and to help you during the whole process whenever you should need it.

You can download the application form from the internet http://www.ofcc.org.cn/en/index.php?optionid=968. You can also find a description of the procedure at http://www.ofcc.org.cn/en/index.php?optionid=967.

Please contact our competent persons at BCS China at china@bcs-oeko.com

Private standards of associations

Furthermore, BCS also inspects according to various standards of organic farmer associations, i.e. Naturland, Demeter, Bioland, GÄA and Biokreis.

Organic inputs

In addition, BCS offers to evaluate organic inputs to be used for organic cultivation according to the EU Regulation on organic production. (here you can find a list of inputs evaluated by BCS  Betriebsmittel-Inputs-Insumos

GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice worldwide)

BCS offers a certificate for „Good Agricultural Practice“  which is getting a more and more crucial criteria required by retailers and distributors as a well as by the food processing industry.

Not only individual producers but also producer groups can apply for a GLOBALG.A.P. certification so that small producers also have the possibility to gain access to the international market. In many sectors a GLOBALG.A.P. certification is considered as an entry ticket to get in the providerlists of supermarkets, retailers and large processors.

GLOBALG.A.P. is still gaining in significance concerning aquaculture products as well as flowers and ornamentals and is the key to improve the company’s market position.

Steps to certification

You send an application to BCS, BCS sends you an offer and a contract. It is required to fill in a form describing your company, premises and organic activities. Ideally, this form should be returned to BCS before the first inspection which will be planned with the next possible inspection tour. The decision about certification will be taken after the inspection. You will receive your certificate as soon as possible after that if conformity with the norm has been approved.

With the contract you receive the standard control programs which tell you what will be controlled. The BCS control criteria are an interpretation of the EU regulation and specify facts making the certification process more transparent for you.


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